Learning though observation is Central 

Observing the world around us is a very important tool for learning. It is much better for pupils to discover and observe changes in the world around them by themselves than simply reading or hearing about it. We often use observations over time in Science as a way to look closely for patterns and changes at set intervals.
During the time period that most of our pupils have been learning at home, we have seen some excellent learning through observation. 
Firstly, it was amazing to see pupils come up with inventive ways to grow their own vegetables using pips from a tomato and left over celery. Children then observed over time to see how they grew to become plants. 
Secondly, Year 2 have recently made their own ‘Bug Hotels’. After creating them, Year 2 have been set the challenge of recording daily observations of their Bug Hotels. This will allow the children to learn about which animals live in small, damp parts of the garden or other outdoor spaces. From this the children can then begin to identify different types of insects and categorise them in various ways. This also will teach the children all about how to create a suitable habitat for insects. 
The power of observing will help our young scientists learn more about the world around them and it’s inhabitants. Well done Year 2!

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