Learning in Nursery Class

This week Nursery children were so curious to find out which book we were going to read. We had a special delivery and children enjoyed guessing what was hiding under the star wrap. They really enjoyed listening to the story Beegu by Alexis Deacon. We explored topics of friendship and space. 

Mrs Babbar showed us the 3D model of solar system and learned that we live on planet Earth 🌍. Some children were able to name some planets. Some children said “we live on planet Watford” and “we live on planet home”. They were challenged to think about which planet Beegu could be from? Children also made papier-mâché with Mrs White to create planets. 

In child initiated learning they used play dough to create the character Beegu. We sang the songs Zoom, zoom, zoom and 5 Little Men. We made rockets using 3D Shapes. It was a busy and fun week!

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