Last days in Year 4

Monday 15th July 2019 brought with it Year 4’s  final drumming sessions with Mr Makondo. The children participated in a friendly competition to see who would stay in the game when asked to tap their neighbour’s shoulder, drum a rhythm and clap intermittently without making a mistake. As the game went on, the tempo was accelerated to the cheers of an every growing audience, who were watching their peers like hawks. 

Our photos show some of Beam class’  proud finalists,  whose brains were visibly  smoking by the time they reached the final. 

Year 4 have enjoyed their Djembe sessions and are grateful for all the fun they had with Mr Makondo. A warm “thank you” to him for all of his hard work with our children!


On their final day in Year 4, Beam Class made a final effort to master chapter summaries in Guided Reading, before enjoying a Maths Investigation to find out which monkey in a zoo  had opened the monkey enclosure and let all the monkeys run riot. Paruja and Emily were the first to work out all the clues and identify the culprit before helping other children find the mistakes and move through their remaining hints. Grace made second place minutes later, followed by Bartosz and Trey. 

After that, we watched a video on the Galapagos Island to deepen our knowledge of a part of the world which we have been referring to throughout the year due to our table names. The children were particularly mesmerised by some of the strange, underwater creatures which they saw. 

Miss Rieger has loved teaching and learning with and from her class this year. Watching the children turn into inquisitive world citizens and witnessing their enthusiasm for affirmation cards as a tool for appreciating each other has been one of the particular joys of this year. Thank you to all of you, Beam class, for  who you are, and to all Beam parents for your continuous support and kind gifts and cards.  Have a wonderful summer, and all the best in Year 5!

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