January Round-up

I always have loved January in school. After the Christmas break everyone comes back so focused and ready to learn. This January has been no exception.
It all started with Art Week. This was a week where all the teachers and children tried something new in their Art and Design work. It was incredible to see the results of this work and with the Creative Arts Showcase in just a few weeks, I can’t wait for you to see what we have produced, whether that is felt or clay bowls. The Creative Arts Showcase will again show off the work your children are doing every week in all of the Arts (Art, Music, Drama, Dance, Design Technology) and we really hope you will join us.
One of the key areas the school has been refined this year is how we use notebooks. We are using them to aid pupil thinking, so they can revisit and rediscover their learning, using it again as they go through each year and subject. This has been a big change, and we still have a way to go until we reach the level of notebooks we are looking for across the school, but already we can see that pupils are using them more. When I ask pupils about their learning, they are able to say that their notebooks help them. As we move forward this term we are going to be further developing thinking maps, visual ways to record learning, so that pupils can be more independent in how they record their thinking.
It is always a pleasure working with such a talented group of teachers and pupils. The curriculum reviews I have done this month in Music, Maths, Geography, Design Technology and English has shown me that our curriculum is strong and that our pupils are passionate about such a range of subjects. Their enthusiasm for their learning and the careful consideration the school staff put into the sequences of learning is phenomenal. Of course, our aim is to continue to refine and improve to make the experiences of learning at Central Primary even better.

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