It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

December so far has been jam-packed with Christmas cheer! The children have really enjoyed making their Christmas cards and practicing their songs for our Nativity performance. We have been creating some fantastic handmade decorations. We had an amazing time making glittering stars to decorate our school’s Christmas tree. We will be sending these decorations home towards the end of term for you to enjoy. We would love to see photos on Tapestry of your trees with the handmade decorations.

We have loved looking at the Nativity flap book, which has created much excitement and fun for all children. Children were so excited to talk about how they celebrate Christmas and discuss what they have observed around us at this time of the year: lights, decorations,…

Thanks to the cold weather this week, the children have been able to investigate frost and ice in the outdoor area. What better way to see the changing of the seasons! We have learnt how to put on our coats, gloves and scarves. We do sometimes need support with doing the zip on coats, but we always try before we ask an adult showing independence. 

Children love messy play in Nursery. Messy play stimulates children’s five senses and enhances children’s speech, language and communication. We particularly enjoyed feeding Weetabix to babies, spaghetti with cheerios for counting and mark making in shaving foam! 

We have been developing teamwork skills by doing arts and crafts in small groups. We recently collaged a polar bear using cotton wool. In November, we collaged a poppy using black and red paper. We added some black buttons to the centre for texture. 

Children really enjoy our sessions of Squiggle Whilst You Wiggle. During these sessions, we dance with ribbons and make large movements to help children develop the fine muscle control they need for writing. We learn a new gross motor movement to a piece of music, we dance using this movement and use it to make marks, this can be in foam, on paper, in sand etc.  These sessions are great fun but most importantly help children to be confident mark makers. 

We also have new climbing equipment, which the children are getting confident in climbing on, and a new balancing bar on which children love showing us how well they can balance. We have started to create obstacle courses, which the children enjoy using outdoor.

Dancing has been a major interest this month. They enjoyed singing, dancing and doing actions to winter themed songs. 

We have recently started to take home library books. Children have demonstrated great enthusiasm and independence when choosing a library book. We have handed out many affirmation cards to encourage children to read at home. We have also started to discuss going to the library with children. We recommended all parents and children join the local libraries to get new books. We would love to see photos on Tapestry of you and your child visiting the local library.

All the Nursery adults and children wish you a safe Christmas holiday and a happy New Year. We look forward to welcoming your child back to school on 6th January for another term of fun filled learning. 

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