Importance of Reading Fluency (this article contains a freebie!)

You may have heard the term ‘fluency’ when talking about reading.

Fluency is the link between recognising words and understanding them. This means that fluent readers are no longer ‘decoding’ each word they encounter, which requires a lot of mental energy. Instead, they are doing lots of things at the same time: decoding words, comprehending information, making inferences, etc.

For your child to be fluent, they need to read accurately, expressively and with pace.

The best way to become a fluent reader is practice. Read, re-read and re-read again. Each time your child picks up their reading book, they should be a little more fluent as they need to decode less.

Other ideas include:

  • Reading to your child so they hear what a fluent reader sounds like.
  • Getting your child to read aloud, so that the written text is supported by oral expression.
  • Ask questions about the book.
  • Ask children to retell the story in the correct order.
  • Read a broad range of texts (fiction, non-fiction, articles, shopping lists, cereal boxes…)

Attached is a document with ideas of how you can develop your child’s reading depending on the book band they are on.

Happy reading 😊

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