Humanities at Central

At Central this year, the Humanities curriculum has had a slight makeover. History and Geography are now taught as two discrete lessons and new units of work have been added to increase enthusiasm and engagement within our children for these two great subjects!

EYFS have been learning more about the world around them, especially the school grounds and different environments they can see. Children have loved splashing around in puddles and exploring their outdoor areas. Children have also been learning about changes within their lifetime by looking at each other’s baby photos and comparing them to how they look in the present day.

Year 1 have been looking at Famous Historical Britons in their learning over the last few weeks, focusing on Florence Nightingale. Children used different sources to find out facts and information about the groundbreaking nurse and created colourful factfiles all about Florence’s exciting life. Year 1 have recently begun to work on building up their knowledge of the United Kingdom and naming the 4 countries and their capitals.

In Year 2, children took part in a local enquiry and asked the question: “How busy are local roads during school hours?”. They collected their data using tally charts and presented their findings using a bar chart. The children then reflected on their enquiry by thinking how they could improve traffic and thought about the affects traffic would have on the environment. During the national lockdown, Year 2 were taught an exciting new unit called ‘Women who changed the world’. The children were very enthusiastic when learning about Rosa Parks and Emiline Pankhurst!

Year 3 have been very enthusiastic about their learning about Ancient Egypt this year. They created some fantastic double bubble maps comparing the life of an Ancient Egyptian to their life in the present day. In their geography lessons Year 3 have looked at climate zones, focusing on India.

Children in Year 4 have loved looking at the Ancient Civilizations of America, and created tree maps to collect facts about Mayans, Aztecs and Incas. They looked at how these civilizations have impacted on modern day America and how the world would be different if they had not existed. In Geography the children are beginning to work on a local enquiry and have started to create their own Ordnance Survey Map of the school and its local area.

In Upper Key Stage 2, Year 5 have delved into the history of Central Primary School and its building. Children used sources such as drawings and photographs to create amazing double page spreads outlining their favourite facts from Central in the past! Year 5 have also looked at world features such as tectonic plates and biomes to continue to add more knowledge to geographical understanding. 

Year 6 have shown great interest in their unit based on ‘World War Two’. They have looked at propaganda and thought about how this would have been during the war period. Children created colourful end products showing important information about their learning. Although the children were not able to go on their planned trip to the Isle of Wight this year, Year 6 have been busy looking at Brazil and all of the different geographical features that the country has to offer.

It has been amazing to see both teachers and children show such an interest in our History and Geography lessons. I can’t wait to see the work the children produce in Summer 2!

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