Humanities at Central

The Humanities curriculum at Central has had some changes over the last few years. History and Geography are now taught as two discrete lessons and new units of work have been added to increase enthusiasm and engagement within our children for these two great subjects. We have also looked closely at the National Curriculum to ensure we are covering content.

EYFS have been learning about Remembrance and created some lovely pieces of poppy art to commemorate the war. As well as this, Reception and Nursery have been busy exploring the environment in our Early Years outdoor areas. 

Children in Year 1 have been looking at the local area in both history and geography. First children thought about their lifetime and how things had changed in those 5/6  years. They then used this skill to think about how Watford has changed over time. Children used different sources to find out facts and information about changes within school and found punishments in the past particularly interesting. In Geography, children have been following string maps and are about to create their own string map of a walk through the town centre. 

In Year 2, children began the school year by looking at different continents and oceans. They then carried out a study based on England and India and then created a final piece that compared the two countries. During History lessons, Year 2 are currently learning about ‘Women who changed the world’. The children are very enthusiastic when learning about Rosa Parks and Emiline Pankhurst, and have even used the book ‘Fantastically Great Women Who Changed The World’ to help them learn new facts. Year 3 have been very enthusiastic in their learning about the Stone Age this year. They created some fantastic double bubble maps and used source grids to help them understand how people lived in the past. In their geography lessons, Year 3 have looked at UK settlements and how these compare to each other. 

Children in Year 4 have loved looking at Volcanoes in their Geography lessons this year. They created some amazing end products to display all of their new knowledge about volcanoes and how they work. In History, Year 4 are currently learning about the Ancient Greeks. Children have found this unit very exciting as it links with their current DT project. 

In Upper Key Stage 2, Year 5 have delved into the history of Anglo-Saxons and Scots. They have made some great comparisons of the invasions of Britain by the Saxons to the invasion of Britain by the Romans which shows that children are able to recall prior learning. In Autumn 1 Year 5 looked at Global Cities for their Geography unit. They looked closely at timezones and even planned a journey across the world thinking about transport, languages and populations. 

Year 6 have shown great interest in their unit based on Natural Resources. Children have thought about what natural resources are and how these are distributed around the world. During History the children in Year 6 are currently undergoing a recovery curriculum due to changes in Year 5. Children were very eager to learn about Anglo-Saxons and Scots and were able to compare them to Vikings and other invaders they have previously learnt about. 

It has been amazing to see both teachers and children show such an interest in our History and Geography lessons. I can’t wait to see the work the children produce during the rest of the year.

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