Hot Air Balloons in Year 3

This term, in Design & Technology , Year 3 children have been making their own hot air ballonsFor this activity, children used the paper mache technique. This technique helps them create three-dimensional  projects by combining paper with a strong glue and drying it to a sturdy shell.
In the first stage of the activity,  children used strips of newspaper dipped in glue to cover the balloon. To make sure the shell that covered the balloon is strong and resistant, children used at least three layers of paper.
After one week of completely drying the balloons, came the fun creative part: designing our hot air balloons! Everyone had the freedom to use their imagination to design their balloons in an unique way.
The children were extremely engaged and worked well in groups! The results were spectacular and impressive!
The next and last part of the project is going to be : attaching the baskets to the balloon.
We’ll keep you updated with our final results, next week!

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