Hope is Central

This time last year if you had of said to me in a year’s time you will be a virtual teacher and be working from home, I would never have believed you. However, this has sadly become the reality and so therefore, we must embrace this challenge like all other challenges.

The past couple of weeks have seen huge amounts of change in our country and the rest of the world. Change is hard. Change is really hard, particularly, for children. For many others and myself included the prospect of not seeing my family for a long period of time is deeply upsetting.

My life as a primary school teacher at Central Primary school has completely changed. I have spent the past seven years working inside Central Primary School, seeing large numbers of children every day, learning daily with my classes and taking part in meetings and generally being a proud member of the school. The four walls of the classroom have been my world for so long and for now, this has become solely an online virtual experience.

Although these are extremely tough times and for many, this has caused great sadness, anxiety and loss, the warmth and community spirit at the core of Central Primary School has really shone through. At the heart of our curriculum is ‘Hope’. Hope often refers to a feeling of expectation or desire for a particular thing to happen. I really feel that the core value of our school is central to us being able to cope with this battle.

I would strongly encourage you if you were not already to follow the school Twitter page @CentralPrimary. Personally, without this vibrant platform, I would have found this change even harder to cope with. The role of parents has been essential to home learning working and we are very fortunate to have great parents/carers who are making many of their own sacrifices to ensure their child is still learning.

However, my main concern is wellbeing. The single most important thing is wellbeing. It can be very traumatic knowing you can only leave your house for exercise once a day and shopping for essentials as infrequently as possible. I know that even when I leave the house, I feel very worried and nervous at this time.  However, I am holding on to the fact that this will pass and we are strong! I would say be kind to yourself and keep safe.

I am really looking forward to being back in the classroom. I think one thing this awful situation has taught me is that you never know what might happen, but to cherish the times when things are going well.

I know there is a large amount of uncertainty as to how long we are going to need to carry on learning at home. However, fill your windows with rainbows and hold on to the fact that storms do not last forever.

Take care and stay safe!

Mr Beach

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