Guinea pig therapy!

In Pine class, we have four guinea pigs. They are called Lenny, Tommy, Rodney and Sidney. All four of the guinea pigs are boys, which in guinea pig world, we call ‘boars’. Female guinea pigs are called ‘sows’.
We really love all of our guinea pigs and enjoy their different coats and quirky characters. In one section of the guinea pig accommodation, we have fluffy and quite bossy Rodney and very fluffy, slightly lazy and nosy Tommy! Tommy loves his chin stroked and adores human company. In the other section, we have Lenny and Sidney. They both have a smooth coat and are a bit shy. However, they love to squeak away when vegetables are being prepared and they love moving the hideaways and generally getting up to mischief.  Mr Beach is helping us to tame Lenny and Sidney and make them more comfortable with humans handling them.
Sidney, our newest member to the family, was adopted from Pets at Home Re-homing Section. Sadly, Sidney’s previous cage mate passed away and he got very lonely and quite unwell. Luckily, the lovely team at Pets at Home took him in and made sure he got better. However, he had been on the shop floor for some months. Once Pine class heard the news, we decided we had to adopt Sidney and give him a forever home. Although, we had to think carefully, as taking on another animal is a big commitment. So many animals need a loving home, and we have learnt lots this year about how to care for animals and keep them clean, healthy and happy.
At Guinea Pig Club, we clean out the guinea pig enclosure, give the animals a health check, trim their nails and occasionally, bath them and have plenty of lap time. We have learnt so much about looking after guinea pigs and catering to their every need.
Did you know when Mr Beach was a child, he  had two guinea pigs called ‘Roma’ and ‘Tula’? The piggies were named after two characters from the children’s programme ‘The Hoobs’. From this experience, Mr Beach wanted to bring the love he had experienced from guinea pigs as a child to the children at Central.
Pine class are the second class to have Mr Beach’s guinea pigs in their room. He is looking forward to introducing them to his new class on moving up day in July.

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