Google Classroom – updates

Dear parents and carers, 
Our school is extraordinarily pleased to see our children and adults joining on our journey with Google Classroom. We set up this new platform at the beginning of this school year and we cannot hide our excitement when we see our pupils and teachers engaged and learning collaboratively, sharing homework, documents, and fascinating ideas on this platform. We have seen so much independence to adapt to this new way to communicate which is something extraordinary to see.
Google Classroom will provide us with a higher level of communication between children and parents as well as an excellent way to share homework and documents between teacher and pupils. Even though our community did an extraordinary work over the lockdown, Google Classroom could make it even easier for our children and staff as teachers can share documents with whole class or specific group of children, provide feedback and even post teaching videos for the classroom when to explain different topics and subjects.
The advantages of moving to Google Classroom are unlimited and the accessibility to this platform is surprisingly easy for everyone, therefore we would like to encourage you to ensure your child has logged in successfully and start exploring this platform as soon as possible also from home. You are not alone in this path, as our teachers are also learning on this journey. Once your child has logged in, make sure you also check the Google classroom regularly as our teachers will use the stream section to give updates, reminders and possible events, it is important we are all updated at all time.
On another note but linked to this topic, we believe communication between parents and teachers is essential for our pupil’s education and we couldn’t miss our annual parents evening. Our new platform, Google Classroom, has the option to hold meetings and we believe this is a great opportunity to make use of this great option.
After half-term, our teachers will share a list of appointments for you to book a slot for your parents evening which you can safely attend from home. Please, check Google Classroom regularly in order to be up-to-date.
Bear in mind, you cannot access Google Classroom with your own personal email account, you need to use your child’s login.
Google Classroom works well on iPad and Laptops, even on a mobile. We also recommend that if you use Google Classroom on a mobile or iPad, you download the Google Classroom App. 
If you have any question, please do not hesitate to get in contact with your child’s teacher.

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