First week in Beam Class

Beam class have had a fantastic first week in Year 4. During our first PSHCE unit of the year, taught in its entirety during Welcome Week last week, the children had ample opportunity to get used to working with their talk partners, sharing ideas, thumbing in and building on each others’ contributions. Our discussions have helped them understand the importance of valuing differences and the unique role wich every member of our class and wider school community can play in making our school a happy and productive place. We have also explored the Rights of the Child as per the UN Convention of 1989 and the responsibilities which come with these rights; and the Beams suggested wonderful ways in which each and every one of them can help themselves and other children enjoy their right to education.

The children have also had fun getting used to their brand new notebooks, and particularly enjoyed the comparatively easier task of numbering pages after measuring out and drawing their “Contents” pages. They were surprised at how drafting the latter became easier after they had done it a few times, which just goes to show that practice makes perfect. Some of the Beams are already taking real pride in the presentation of their books, and we are all looking forward to seeing how they choose to document their learning journeys.

Miss Rieger has been so impressed with the enthusiasm which the children have brought to the classroom and with the way the children get along with and support each other both socially and in the class. It has been hard to choose the Stars of the Week, as several children have consistently made wonderful, pro-social choices which help not only them but also others learn and enjoy being in school. Just as well we have many weeks in which to celebrate all these wonderful children.

Well done, Beam Class–keep up the smiles and hard work!

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