Farewell message from Mr Beach

Farewell message from Mr Beach

Eight years ago, I started my career in education at Central Primary School. I remember interviewing in July 2013 and I was excited to hear the buzz in the staff room about a recent whole school trip to Brighton. I also had a brilliant experience teaching a small group of Year 3 children. I remember taking part in a interview with the School Council and was so impressed how much value the school placed on pupil voice. It was at this moment that I knew Central would be a place I would love to become a part of.

After the summer, I began working as a Learning Support Assistant and very quickly felt at home. After a year, I started my degree studies. I was very fortunate to have support from the school to study alongside my work and progressed to various roles from Learning Mentor Assistant to Class Teacher.

Since qualifying, I have had endless opportunities to grow as both a teacher and leader. I have enjoyed leading various areas of the curriculum as well as having the absolute privilege of leading Equality and Diversity. I have really enjoyed mentoring different members of the team as well as phase leader in KS1.

Lesson study was also an invaluable experience for me to grow in confidence and transform my teaching practice. I have very fond memories of this collaborative research working alongside Dr Mynott and Miss Rieger. We learnt so much about Oracy and developing dialogic teaching. This research led to new initiatives that were rolled out to the rest of the school. It was at this point that whole school leadership was something I was keen to progress in. I was lucky to be able to write the current Oracy curriculum at Central and shape the foundations for this important area.

As many of you know, Equality, Diversity and Well-being are my absolute passions. Central is such a unique, diverse and wonderful community to be part of and one that always made me feel very accepted and appreciated. I am excited to take all of my professional learning to my new role as an Assistant Headteacher at another school in Hertfordshire leading Inclusion, Well-being and Pastoral support. I am looking forward to continue my career in education and learn new things every day. Learning never stops and that’s what I love about working in education.

So the time has come for me to wish you all a fond farewell. I have learnt from every single member of the warm, inviting and appreciative community and you all will have a special place in my heart for the years to come. Central will always be the place that helped shape my identity as a teacher and leader. I have been fortunate to work alongside some expert colleagues who I have learnt so much from.

Keep in touch, stay safe and best of luck for the future.

Best wishes, Mr Beach

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