Extended Schools Survey Results

At Central Primary, we offer extended schools services with Breakfast Club and After school club. We aim to review the need for these services annually to make sure that we are providing the best services that we can for our school community.

The Extended Schools Survey was open for over two weeks for all parents and carers to fill in. According to the results of the survey, majority of the users (61%) agree that the current opening hours for Breakfast club and After school club suit their needs.

In terms of extending the opening hours to 5.30pm, there seems to be only a very limited amount of children who would need this service on a regular basis. The After school club should have a minimum of 10 pupils attending 5 times a week for the club to be financial sustainable and according to the survey, only 6 pupils would be using it regularly. 

In order for us to keep the After school club open until 5.30 pm, we would have to pay for two members of staff, provide a hot meal or expect parents to provide a packed meal for the After school club as well. These would create an increase in the price that majority of the respondents to the survey were not willing to pay. 

We will review the Extended schools services annually and will continue to provide the services that the majority of our community members need. 

If you have any questions about this, please don’t hesitate to speak to Dr Mynott or Miss Paalanen.

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