Exploring musical instruments in Year 3

Music is more than singing and dancing.
Year 3 took a step further today and immersed into the discovery of  instruments.
We started recapping how important is to look after the instruments and even more importantly, to keep the level of noise quiet and low in the classroom so that everyone enjoys.  In small groups, children explored a wide range of instruments, their names and how to play them, we learned that all the instruments we had are untuned percussion and everyone practised this new vocabulary. We finished the lesson in two groups when pupils identified the instrument the teacher played. It was so much fun and engaging!
Oracy was developed, everyone had a chance to talk, explore, be right and even fail, but the groups worked collaboratively and enjoyed the 45 minutes like never before, I can’t believe they didn’t even want to go for lunch. Well done Apple class! 

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