Exploring healthy eating in Year 3

Year 3 had a fascinating Science lesson. Children were given a huge variety of boxes, packages and bags from different products and food that we consume on a daily basis. The exploration consisted in identifying the main nutrients in each one, thinking about how healthy or unhealthy the food can be and how they could add it into a balanced diet. Children did an incrdible job during the lesson and came up with hundreds of interesting ideas and questions.
Additionally, we found out some products are advertised as healthy, but the truth is the level of sugar in it is too high and it wouldn’t be healthy to have it every time. One of us said : “We need to look at the nutritional information first before buying the product as we can be tricked.”
At the end of the lesson, we all came to an agreement, we need all these nutrients to have  balanced diet and it is okay to have fats and sugar as long as you exercise 30 minutes daily in order to have a healthy body and a happy heart.

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