European Day of Languages

European Day of Languages

This year marked the 20th anniversary of the European Day of Languages, which was on the 26th of September 2021. This is a day when schools in Europe celebrate the linguistic and cultural diversity of people around the world. 

To celebrate our diverse and vibrant community, each year group did a different activity.

Reception and Forest classes made and coloured beautiful flags from around the world representing their cultural heritage.

Year 1 learnt how animal sounds are represented differently in each country due the variety of phonics. For example, did you know that in Poland, children will say “kum kum” to represent the sound a frog makes while we say “ribbit ribbit” in England.






Year 2 sang happy birthday in different languages. Many countries use the same tune as the English “Happy Birthday” song, while others have a completely different song. It was very interesting and fun to hear all these different versions.

Year 3 did a show and tell. Children dressed or brought items representing their different culture and they shared and explained its meaning to their friends.






Year 4 did a quiz to show their knowledge of the world and languages. The quiz had questions about general language knowledge, writing systems and alphabets, etymology, countries and language just to name a few. Children amazed us with their knowledge, often they could answer questions that teachers could not.

You can have a go at the quiz as well by clicking on the link below:

 Year 5 illustrated idioms in different languages. These are really funny as often idioms make no sense when translated word by word. So the children wrote the idiom in its original language, translated it then explained what it meant. Here are some samples of the illustrated idioms they made.







And finally, but not the least, Year 6 had a go at saying tongue twisters in different languages. They tried to say the tongue twisters as quickly as possible with correct articulation. It was really hard and I must say they did a better job than me. Well done everyone.

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