Equality and Diversity are Central

Identity is made up of all the things that make you who you are and make you unique! It might include where you are from, the school you go to, your religion, gender identity, who you love, the things you like doing, as well as many other things. It is important for us as a school to explore identity from an early age. Andrew Moffat (a well renowned Personal Development leader) explains that ‘children’s identities are being formed, evaluated and re-evaluated all the way through their formative years’ (Moffat, 2020:6)

The word equality derives from the word ‘equal’ meaning the same. This means that everyone should be treated fairly and with the same respect regardless of how someone identifies.

We were all deeply moved by the recent events in the United States and around the world. We support the Black Lives matter human rights movement and the Black Community. As a school, it is critically important that we make it clear that we stand in support, show solidarity, and recognise we have a significant role to educate and bring about positive change to the world around us.

At Central Primary School, we are very proud to celebrate and explore diversity. We are a vibrant community that represents a wide range of identities, languages and cultures. Moffat (2020:5) rightly explains ‘in 2020 we cannot sit on the fence when it comes to the teaching of equality, nor can we pick and choose which aspects of equality we feel comfortable with’.

Therefore, curriculum leaders at Central have continued to work hard to ensure that all identities are visible and equally represented in your child’s learning. For example, in the History curriculum, there is clear coverage of a range of different Histories. For example: Black History, Women’s Rights and LGBTQ History. We proudly celebrate Black History Month, LGBT+ History Month and International Women’s Day. It is very important to note that although we mark these very important events, we fully recognise that diversity must become ‘usualised’ across the curriculum and be part of daily discussions and learning in the classroom.

Next week, we are going to be celebrating the ‘Just Like Us’ School Diversity Week. On your child’s home learning pack, there will be information and a range of activities for you to complete at home. Mr Beach will be posting daily on the school Twitter page @CentralPrimary. He will be posting daily activities, ideas and sharing all of your amazing work to celebrate diversity.

Take care, stay safe and remember equality is Central!


Moffat, A. (2020) No Outsiders: Everyone Different, Everyone Welcome: Preparing Children for life in Modern Britain. Routledge

If you would like to discuss Black Lives Matter further with your child, we recommend looking at this brilliant guide.

More information about the guide: https://yoopies.co.uk/c/press-releases/blacklivesmatter

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