Eid Mubarak

On Tuesday 13th May, Muslims around the world began Ramadan. Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, where Muslims obtain from water and food from sunset to sunrise. They also participate in praying, reflection, charity and supporting the community by giving back.  I can definitely say as someone who was observing the month of Ramadan that it has been tough but rewarding.  Then, the very next day we celebrated Eid ul fitr, which commemorates the end of the fasting month. This is usually celebrated by wearing new clothes, eating lots and spending time with loved ones. 
However, the celebration did not stop there! In EYFS, they had their own Eid party today and they all dressed up in their best clothing and created their own henna designs. It was great to see them all having such a good time alongside learning about how Eid is celebrated!

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