E-Safety at Central

Technology and being online, the two things that have made our life considerably easier; however, being online is a double-edged sword as our children dive into a world loaded with danger and risks. At Central, we take e-Safety very seriously, therefore we have taken many steps in order to teach, learn and raise awareness of the risks of being online.

Our curriculum allows our children to learn about e-Safety every year; the units on e-Safety enable the children to analyse what is appropriate or inappropriate when online: identify what to do when something doesn’t seem right as well as choose who to go to. In KS2, our children are introduced to the report button and understand how not everything is real on Social Media. By the end of Year 6, our children leave the school knowing how to use technologies respectfully and safely.


On 8th February 2022, Central Primary School celebrated Safer Internet Day. We explored respect and relationships online and investigated how to play games online safely. From EYFS to Year 6, our teachers chose a variety of activities and the response was incredible.

Here at Central, we are not happy with only visiting e-Safety in our lessons so Mr Perulero enrolled our school in a new exciting adventure; 10 children in Year 5 were hired to become part of the Digital Leaders Programme. These children meet weekly after school to do some activities and will eventually train and empower other young generations to become experts at e-Safety also. Our school is now part of a worldwide community of young responsible and inspiring generations who will be role models for the school and deliver assemblies as well as other activities within a few months. This is a big opportunity and our children know how important they will be in the future.

 Keeping children safe when online is vital and we believe teaching our young generations must be a priority so that a responsible young generation leaves the primary setting capable of making use of technologies safely.

Should you have any questions about what we do at school about e-Safety, our Computing Lead, Mr Perulero, would be delighted to answer any questions

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