Drama Hut Workshops

Last week, Year 2 and 4 took part in a Drama Hut workshop. 

Year 2 went back to 1666 and met Samuel Pepy’s and Thomas Farrier. We learnt more about Thomas’ family and the impact the fire had on people’s lives. This is a concept that is often overlooked as there was not much loss of life. However, the devastation this caused was unimaginable. We also enjoyed singing ‘London’s Burning’ and acting out the events that unfolded. 

Year 4 started this half term with great excitement as they walked into the hall to find Greek goddess Athena waiting for them. Through freeze frame and drama activities, they learned about the main Greek deities and their characters,  acted out the myth of King Midas and reminded themselves of some of the Olympic sports. Miss Khatun and Miss Rieger were impressed with how much the children remembered from last half term about Greek democracy, architecture, myths and the Olympics. The workshop was a wonderful way of consolidating and deepening their knowledge, and we are all grateful to Humanities Leader Mr Beach for organising this event. 

We are thankful to the Drama Hut for once again providing us with some excellent ways to enrich the learning in History.

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