Diversifying our Library

Last week, we were really lucky to have been gifted some beautiful books focused on equality and diversity from The Little Box of Books and KPMG.

The project aims to enhance schools’ libraries to ensure we are able to represent a wide range of identities, families and cultures. 

Here are some of the important aims from the project:

  • A carefully curated selection of books featuring brilliant storytelling and beautiful pictures
  • Diversity of characters
  • New favourites that can stand the ‘again and again’ test
  • Representing a wide range of family structures
  • Promoting gender equality
  • More visibility for underrepresented children

At Central Primary School, we are really passionate about ensuring diversity is evident in all areas of school life. We are fully committed towards ensuring our children leave our school as open-minded, accepting and kind members of the community. We are really thankful to The Little Box of Books and KPMG for supporting us to achieve this.

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