Welcome to the Open Evening on 16th March

We are delighted to invite you to the second Open Evening of this academic year that will be hosted on Monday 16th March between 15.30- 17.00. On the day of the Open Evening, you are invited to visit your child’s classroom when collecting them from school. During the visit, you will be given an updated …

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Celebration Assembly 5th March

Congratulations to all of our Stars of the Week.  This week we had the first children joining the Silver Club after reading 50 books! Congratulations to Natalie (Y3) and Nicole (Y3).   More members join the Bronze club after reading 25 books from the list of our 100 Books.  Well done Hoor-E-Janat (Y3), Kelly (Y2), Rivca …

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Letters from Reception

Reception have been reading ‘The Jolly Postman’ and have written their own letters, put them in envelopes, added the address and stamp ready to post. On Thursday Reception walked to the post box to post their letters. The children were excited to see a post van on the road and a post lady and post …

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World Book Day 2020

What a wonderful World Book day we had. Please enjoy the gallery of some of the costumes.  

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Stars of the Week

Congratulations to all of our Stars of the Week. This week two new members joined the Bronze Club: Arsalan (Y4) and Daniel (Y4). We also celebrated all of our pupils who had their birthdays in February! Happy birthday to all of them once again!

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Science enquire in Year 3

Do people with longer legs jump further? This is our Science question in Year 3 which leads us to carry out a practical investigation. Interesting predictions, clever ideas and clear explanations were made in our last lesson, today we had our second part, the actual investigation. In small groups, children are using fair testing scientific …

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Pancake day in Nursery

Pancake Day, or Shrove Tuesday, is a traditional feast held the day before the Christian fasting period of Lent begins. In the olden days, people used up all their fat, eggs and flour before beginning their Lent fast. Hence – they made pancakes! Nursery children enjoyed tasting chocolate pancakes and talking about their favourite breakfast.

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100 Days Celebration

Today we celebrated 100 days and dressed up in pink, red or hearts to fund raised for Homestart. All the teachers had planned special activities in their classroom. Have a look what happened around the school today. Nursery: It’s Valentine’s week and the children have been learning about different ways we show love to our …

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Celebration Assembly 13th February

Congratulations to our Stars of the week! This week the Daniel (Y4), Wally (Y5) and Dennis (Y1) joined the Bronze club after reading 25 books of the 100 Book Challenge! Well done! Attendance award this week goes to Pine Class with 100% Attendance and Beech class with 99%. 

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Science in Y6

In Year 6, we learned about the digestive system and drew in old t-shirts its parts and explained the difference stages of digestion .  

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Exploring musical instruments in Year 3

Music is more than singing and dancing.   Year 3 took a step further today and immersed into the discovery of  instruments. We started recapping how important is to look after the instruments and even more importantly, to keep the level of noise quiet and low in the classroom so that everyone enjoys.  In small …

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Creative Arts Showcase 2020

Last Tuesday night our school community had the opportunity once again to put on a show at the Clarendon Muse. This was the fourth Creative Arts Showcase that we have organised.  The pupils enjoy this unique opportunity to perform in front of their family members. For us as a school, it’s a wonderful way to …

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