Headteacher Affirmations 10th February 2022

Apple Sienna Aahil For great learning on money in maths. Apple Edward Sienna  Gulsom For coming top in a Spanish quiz.

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Stars of the Week 3rd February 2022

Maple Victor- For producing good learning about different types of trees. He was able to identify and name evergreen and deciduous trees. Well done Victor. Amina – For really endeavouring with English learning and trying her best to ensure she has included all of her writing checklist.  Mulberry Labeeb – for his wonderful adjectives in …

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PE Blog

Physical fitness is incredibly important at Central. We strive to ensure that children are active every day by delivering engaging PE lessons and providing plenty of opportunities for play at lunch and break time. This term has seen some excellent PE work. Year 6 have continued to practice their swimming skills at our provider, St …

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Headteacher Affirmations 3rd February 2022

Ash Sion Manasvi For super English work. Ash Mustafa For great handwriting and poetry. Ash Jeron For amazing Egyptian work. Walnut Zara For beautiful paintings on canvas. Walnut Nicole For amazing work on Earthquakes and Science experiment creating CO2.

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Headteacher Affirmations 27th January 2022

Pear Steve For knowing all his times table to 15. Apple Jayden Hamza For great teamwork in PE. Ash Saidan For amazing work and a great understanding. Walnut Adnyan For amazing work on earthquakes.

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Stars of the Week 27th January 2022

Maple This week has been very difficult in Maple Class as there have been lots of changes but the children have been so mature and understanding that we have made them all stars of the week. Well Done Maple Class. Mulberry Eli- for always being ready to learn. She is a super role model to …

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Ash Class Blog

In Ash class, we have had a very exciting week, from starting the process of writing our biography in English to developing our skills in tennis.  In Maths, we have been working hard to solve a range of division calculations. This involved dividing 100 by 2, 4, 5 and 10.  We cut up 100 squares …

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Stars of the Week 20th January 2022

Maple Ayan – for settling into Maple class so well. He always has a smile on his face and always wants to try his best. He really endeavoured with his numbers to 10 this week. Well done Ayan. Faridah – Faridah was a little sad coming to school to begin with and now she is …

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Headteacher Affirmations 20th January 2022

Ash Saad For amazing and very neat handwriting. Ash Tegan For amazing listening in maths.

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Stars of the Week 13th January 2022

Maple Welbeck – for endeavouring with his handwriting and trying to copy the words written. He was able to copy and write the word cat, sat and mat this week in his English learning. Well done Welbeck. Sofia – for settling into school so well and making some strong relationships with adults and her peers. …

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Headteacher Affirmations 13th January 2022

Apple Zara For amazing maths using multiplication and division. Apple Dennis For amazing maths using multiplication and division.

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Phonics and Early Reading at Central

  In line with the latest Department for Education recommendations, Central Primary has chosen to introduce Little Wandle Letters and Sounds revised as our systematic, synthetic phonics (SSP) program to teach early reading and spelling this term.  The program draws on excellent practice, and is based on the latest research into how children learn best; …

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