Our teachers visiting CEIP Peñalta in Spain

Earlier this term, three teachers from Spain visited Central Primary as part of an Erasmus programme. Last week, we were given the opportunity to visit their school in order to learn from them and we gained so much from the experience. The first thing we noticed were the obvious differences. CEIP Peñalta is situated in …

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Creative Arts Showcase

It’s our Creative Arts Showcase on Tuesday 11th February, where we will be showcasing the work we do in Dance, Music, Drama, Art and D&T.    Friends of Central are also organising a Cake Competition. Please read more and take part by baking your favourite cake!     Tickets have been available to parents/carers of …

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100 Books Reading Challenge

Children and adults at Central Primary continue to be excited about reading! In the last few weeks, the first children joined the Bronze Club of the 100 Books after reading 25 books of the 100 Books. The Friday after school 100 Book Club keeps the teachers busy and it is lovely seeing children with their …

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Spanish visitors

This week three members of our partner school CEIP Peñalta in Spain came to visit us. They observed various classes from Year 1 to Year 6 and were impressed by our methodology and notebooks. They also really enjoyed the way we teach maths and phonics. What surprised them was the difference in the school system …

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Clay bowls made from slabs

During Art week Year 6 rose to the challenge of creating their own clay bowls from slabs of clay. While this looks simple when completed the processes involved are complicated and the children had to think carefully about both their designs and the construction of their bowls. The week began with an exploration of templates, …

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Art week

This week was Art Week, which meant that all classes took part in a variety of art activities throughout the school.  Early Years painted stones, inspired by artist James Brunt and created their own gallery inspired by the book ‘The Dot’. Our Year 1’s created their own tassels using recycled fabric and self portraits inspired …

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Gifted Art Work

To kick of the Art week  2020 at Central Primary, we would like to share some news of artwork that was gifted to our school last term by the Hertfordshire Country Council. The six artworks that were gifted were previously owned by the Hertfordshire Country Council School Loan Collection.  Three of the artworks that we …

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Watercolour landscapes in Year 6

We have been exploring watercolour landscapes in our Art lessons this half term. Starting with John Constable as our focus artist, we have been looking at techniques and how to enhance our work by building layers of detail.    The photos are some examples of our final pieces as they were being painted. The images …

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Aspiring Artists in Year 2

This year, I have had the pleasure of teaching my class Art. Previously, this has been a subject taught during my release time. However, I have been able to share my passion for the Art curriculum this year.    We have explored the following styles of Art so far: Pastels, Fauvism and Cubism. We have …

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Year 5 trip to Wagamamas

Last week Year 5 visited our local Wagamamas, linking to our current Japan topic in Geography and History. The children were taught about the importance of food hygiene, learnt about the origin of the food and then moved on to making their own juice and weighing out the ingredients for their Japanese dish, which they …

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Tree Dressing Assembly

One of our favourite days of the year at Central, is the day of the Tree Dressing Assembly. It’s a very special day when all the pupils and staff get together in the hall to decorate our Christmas Tree. With Christmas songs playing in the background, every child has a turn to take their decoration …

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100 Books Reading Challenge

The 100 Books Reading Challenge has been a great success! It’s been great to see so many pupils joining the Friday Book Club collecting their next book to read.  We are also pleased to announce that we received a book grant from the Foyle Foundation that has enabled us to buy the remaining copies of …

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