Portraits from the Past

This week, Year 2 were set the task of choosing their favourite Famous Historical Briton to complete a portrait.   We were so proud of their efforts and they were completed to a very high standard! We saw a range of Famous Historical Britons from Henry VIII, Queen Victoria, Olaudah Equiano, Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole. …

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Phased return to school

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Please see below the letter from the Chair of Governors and Acting Headteacher outlining our school’s plan for the phased return.  Please be in touch with the school office via phone or email if you have any questions.

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Eid Mubarak

As predicted in my blog at the start of the month, the festival of Eid will take place this year under lockdown. Whilst it won’t be the usual celebration that you’ll all be used to – dressing up, visiting family, seeing friends and eating out – we hope it is still a special day for …

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Learning though observation is Central 

Observing the world around us is a very important tool for learning. It is much better for pupils to discover and observe changes in the world around them by themselves than simply reading or hearing about it. We often use observations over time in Science as a way to look closely for patterns and changes …

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Positivity through ‘Word Art’

This week, Year 2 were set the task to make positive words of support for the school community using items from around their homes.   We were really impressed to see how creative the children have been in designing their word art. We saw buttons, fabric, lego, crayons, feathers, ribbon and many more amazing ideas. …

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Wellbeing is Central

  As I am sure you may have read in the news, there are concerns about gaps in learning and pupils potentially ‘being behind’ due to the school closures. Whilst I share concerns about possible gaps and for many academic progress may have temporarily been slowed, this really should not be our priority.    For …

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Of anger in a pudding of grief

Dear parents and carers, dear Central Primary school community, We are six or something weeks into the lockdown. On some days, it may feel like we have barely begun; on others, it may seem we have been in this state for an eternity. All of you, parents and carers, have done a wonderful job at …

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Being Creative at Home is Central!

Valuing the Arts is a core belief at Central Primary School. Creative Arts is without a doubt a strength of the school. I am sure you have fond memories of our vibrant Creative Arts Showcases led by our fabulous Arts Leader, Miss White. This love of Art and creativity really shone through last week as …

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Ramadhan Under Lockdown

With the world the way it is, we have all be affected in some way or other: our children aren’t in school, our jobs may look different, we are confined within our homes. And for Muslims around the world, the month of Ramadhan is here and unlike any they have experienced before. It is a …

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There’s no place like home

Schools are vibrant places, full of life, energy, happiness and learning. They are safe places full of warmth,  excitement and opportunity. To many, including myself, Central is another home and it feels strange not being there. From conversations I have had with colleagues based at school, the building is a very different place without everyone …

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A connection between mind, soul and heart

I was sitting in the living room looking through the window, it was cloudy after a few weeks with the nicest weather in UK, pondering on the events over the last weeks, and wondering what soothing words I could use to comfort families without repeating the same advice we all know and have heard over …

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Hope is Central

This time last year if you had of said to me in a year’s time you will be a virtual teacher and be working from home, I would never have believed you. However, this has sadly become the reality and so therefore, we must embrace this challenge like all other challenges. The past couple of …

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