Celebration Assembly 6th February

Well done to all of our Stars of the week. Attendance award goes to Pine Class and Ash Class!

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Showcase is approaching!

Showcase is fast approaching and tickets have been selling fast!    We still have a few left and we would love to see as many friends and family as we can. Tickets can be bought from the school office for £2 each.     We look forward to seeing lots of you there!     …

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Year 3 Hot Air Balloons

What an amazing journey it has been!!!   Year 3 children have been working assiduously to finalise their Hot Air Balloons. The last part of the project –attaching the baskets– has come with a challenge. Threading the string through the holes created in the paper-mache balloon required a lot of patience, concentration and fine motor skills. Some children …

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Alex Bear in Year 4

Beam class were hugely excited to welcome a new friend this week: Alex the bear was introduced by Mrs Ribeiro in her French lesson on Monday and has been spending time with Beam class throughout this week.    Alex is visiting us from Nuernberg in Germany and is extremely curious about what things are like …

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Year 4 Science

This week’s Science lesson saw Year 4 make links between their learning on Sound and their understanding of pitch in Music. An impressive number of children had completed their homework challenge of making their own musical instruments, and were able to explain not only how their creation made a sound but also why the pitch of …

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January Round-up

I always have loved January in school. After the Christmas break everyone comes back so focused and ready to learn. This January has been no exception.   It all started with Art Week. This was a week where all the teachers and children tried something new in their Art and Design work. It was incredible …

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Exploring healthy eating in Year 3

Year 3 had a fascinating Science lesson. Children were given a huge variety of boxes, packages and bags from different products and food that we consume on a daily basis. The exploration consisted in identifying the main nutrients in each one, thinking about how healthy or unhealthy the food can be and how they could add it …

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Celebration Assembly 30th January

Congratulations to all of our Stars of the week! New members of the Bronze Club this week are Natalie (Y3) and Nicole (Y3).  Attendance Award goes to Pear and Ash Class this week!

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Creative Arts Showcase

It’s our Creative Arts Showcase on Tuesday 11th February, where we will be showcasing the work we do in Dance, Music, Drama, Art and D&T.    Friends of Central are also organising a Cake Competition. Please read more and take part by baking your favourite cake!     Tickets have been available to parents/carers of …

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100 Books Reading Challenge

Children and adults at Central Primary continue to be excited about reading! In the last few weeks, the first children joined the Bronze Club of the 100 Books after reading 25 books of the 100 Books. The Friday after school 100 Book Club keeps the teachers busy and it is lovely seeing children with their …

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Reception Class Technology walk

This week Reception have been learning about technology around us. We went on a walk around town to find technology and see how it is used. We found lights, parking meters, automatic doors, cameras, tills, ATM machines and lots more. We had a checklist and ticked the different technology we found as we went.  

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Celebration Assembly 23rd January

Congratulations to all of our Stars of the week! Teacher had so many amazing reasons to celebrate again this week! New members of the Bronze Club are Nicole Year 3. Attendance award this week goes to Ash Class and Chestnut Class with 100% attendance! Well done!

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