E-Safety at Central

Technology and being online, the two things that have made our life considerably easier; however, being online is a double-edged sword as our children dive into a world loaded with danger and risks. At Central, we take e-Safety very seriously, therefore we have taken many steps in order to teach, learn and raise awareness of the …

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Headteacher Affirmations 24th March 2022

Apple Zoe Abigail Gulsom Elsa Jayden For super meal planning.   For super meal planning and writing in the past tense.

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Stars of the Week 17th March 2022

Maple Welbeck – For trying really hard with his writing. He is ensuring that his letters are formed correctly and is trying hard to keep them on the line. He is making very good progress. Well done Welbeck. Lillian – For working really hard with her writing. She always uses her phonics chart to help …

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Equality and Diversity in Apple Class

Who do you see represented in the books you read? In Apple class we spent LGBTQ+ History Month thinking about who we usually see in picture books and what was different about some of the characters we met. We are proud of our diversity in Apple and the children were delighted to see that the …

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Headteacher Affirmations 17th March 2022

Apple Harshan Eba For great understanding on the nutritional content of different meals. Apple Harshan Kevin Sienna Abdula For great role play of the book Journey. Maple Aria For using super expanded noun phrases. Maple Georgia For excellent story writing. Chestnut Amalia Ethan David Akinsa For applying super writng skills in your Traction Man diary …

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Stars of the Week 10th March 2022

Maple David – for creating a wonderful story about a magical tree that he planted. He used expanded noun phrases and conjunctions to add more detail to his story. Great writing David.. Jasmine – for always putting in 100% effort into everything that she does. She will always give something a go before she asks …

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Stars of the Week 3rd March 2022

  Maple Aria and David for their super book reviews during our World Book Day learning.  Mulberry Aisha and Sonia for their amazing work during our new guided reading sessions this week. They have tried really hard on their decoding skills and working on adding expression to their reading. Pear Kyle – for your improvement …

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25th Anniversary of World Book Day

This year marks the 25th Anniversary of World Book Day and what a fabulous day it was.  World Book Day was created by UNESCO on 23rd April 1995 as a worldwide celebration of books and reading. It is marked in over 100 countries around the globe and the first World Book Day in the UK and Ireland …

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Our Community Champion from Tesco Extra Watford

We were incredibly excited to receive a visit from our Community Champion, Seema, from Tesco Extra Watford.  Tesco customers and staff kindly donated a number of outdoor wooden games to the school that we will be using in our Early Years and during our lunchtime, and newly introduced lunchtime club.  It was a pleasure meeting Seema …

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Headteacher Affirmations 3rd March 2022

Pear Odin Murtaza For being great role models and focusing on their learning so well. Pine Jamie For making good choices. Walnut Bernadette Zofia Nicole Adnyan Ty Zara  Shannon For your beautiful poem about the scientist. For your beautiful poem about sisters. For your beautiful poems about the journey to the center of the Earth. …

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Stars of the Week 24th February 2022

Maple Areesha – for always giving 100% effort into everything she does and never giving up when she finds something challenging. Well done Areesha. Emma – for working really hard with her maths learning and counting one more and one less than numbers up to 20. Well done Emma. Mulberry Aishwarya- for showing such kindness …

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Stars of the Week 10th February 2022

Mulberry Kushal- for being such a role model in his listening and learning these past few weeks while other adults have been in the Mulberry classroom. Keep up the good work Kushal. Pear Arthur – for always trying your best and never giving up on your work. Moreover, your behaviour and general attitude towards learning …

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