Farewell from Mr Jaffer

Farewell from Mr Jaffer You may have heard by now that, after a decade, this is my final term at Central Primary School. I want to start by saying ‘thank you’ to every single one of you, whether we’ve worked together or I’ve taught your children or we’ve simply shared the Central experience. You have …

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Autumn 2 in Forest Class

English In English we have been learning about Haiku poems. We examined the structural and grammar features of our model text before planning and writing own Haikus about fireworks. The children loved decorating their poems! In addition to this, we also used our History knowledge to write brilliant recounts about The Great Fire of London. …

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Autumn 2 in Year 5

Although a very different first term this year, it had been an enjoyable one in Year 5. The children have thoroughly enjoyed Guided Reading this half term, appreciating our books ‘Rooftoppers’ and ‘Wonder’. The stories told have been both moving and uplifting and the children have thought about authorial intent and how these stories can …

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Autumn 2 in Year 1

Autumn 2 in Year 1 This half term Maple and Mulberry Class have both been working incredibly hard in all their lessons. Miss White and Miss Turner have been amazed with the progress they have made and cannot wait to see more next term. Phonics In our phonics lessons we have moved on to clusters. …

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Google Classroom with EYFS

The children in Early Years have been enjoying a vast range of activities the teachers have been providing on Google Classroom. We have all been incredibly impressed by the work we have received and it’s lovely to see the children being eager to complete the set work. The children have been completing activities on the …

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Disability History Month

Disability History Month takes place every year between November and December and celebrates the lives and achievements of disabled people. Over the next couple of weeks, we are going to be learning about key developments in raising the awareness of disabilities and promoting equality and inclusion for everyone. We will be teaching the children about the History …

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Dance, Dance, Dance

Our brilliant dance teacher Ms Evans has been busy teaching dance to all year groups across the school! Take a look below what different year groups have been learning in dance! Nursery: In Nursery this term we have carried on our theme of sensory engagement and added in some nursery rhymes and songs. The children …

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Stars of the week 3.12.2020

Acorn YR Jasmine and Logan Conker YR Barney and Lily Maple Y1 Viaan and Yusuf Mulberry Y1 Diana and Rayan Pear Y2 Sion and Emi Pine Y2 Hamza and Aahil Apple Y3 Dorsa and Fatma Ash Y3 Luca and Alex Avocado Y3 All of Avocado Class Beam Y4 Athvik, Aminah and Nicole Beech Y4 Miriam …

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Chat with an author

Second successful session with another author in Beam Class. This time, we met Selina Brown, an enthusiastic and inspiring writer. A week ago, we added her book to our collection in our class: “Nena:The Green Juice” and she couldn´t be kinder of sharing a bit of her time to talk with us about the benefits …

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Tree dressing

Tree dressing assembly has always been a highlight of the year at Central Primary! And luckily we were able to make it a highlight this year as well! Although the assembly was nothing like the previous years, it was still a lovely opportunity for us together to welcome Christmas spirit to the school! With festive …

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Importance of Reading Fluency (this article contains a freebie!)

You may have heard the term ‘fluency’ when talking about reading. Fluency is the link between recognising words and understanding them. This means that fluent readers are no longer ‘decoding’ each word they encounter, which requires a lot of mental energy. Instead, they are doing lots of things at the same time: decoding words, comprehending …

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Diversifying our Library

Last week, we were really lucky to have been gifted some beautiful books focused on equality and diversity from The Little Box of Books and KPMG. The project aims to enhance schools’ libraries to ensure we are able to represent a wide range of identities, families and cultures.  Here are some of the important aims …

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