Spectacular Science at Central

There has been some fantastic Science learning taking place at Central over the first Half term. The children have been so enthusiastic and excited about the experiments that they have been carrying out. The topics this half term have focused on Everyday materials, forces, light, states of matter and electricity.      Children have been …

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Headteacher Affirmations 21st October 2021

Pine Renford For use of similes and expanded noun phrases to describe a monster. Apple Sienna Sofia Stanley Harshan Aahil For extended writing that was well edited, had clear paragraphs and great handwriting. Ash Sheereen For lots of hard work and sitting beautifully. Ash Aran For consistently working hard with a great attitude. Beech Joshua …

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Stars of the Week 21st October 2021

Stars of the week 21st October Maple Welbeck – For persisting with his phonics and not giving up. Welbeck is trying really hard to recognise and write his phonics sounds. When he gets confused or is unsure he will ask for help and then try again. He always has a smile on his face too! …

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Harvest Festival

Harvest Festival is a celebration of the food grown on land. It is generally celebrated by giving back to others. Unfortunately, for the past two years, due to Covid, we were unable to celebrate Harvest. However, this year we partnered up with New Hope, which asked for schools to donate items of food to Watford …

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Stars of the Week 14th October 2021

Stars of the week 14th October Maple Mihails – For his attention to detail in his handwriting. Mihails always checks that his ascenders are tall and descenders are low. He takes pride in the presentation of his learning. Great job Mihails!  Lillian – For her persistence with her writing skills. She is now able to …

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Autumn 1 in Willow Class

Autumn 1 in Willow Class  After our relaxing summer break, Year 5 has gotten back to work with enthusiasm and persistence. Our English started with us researching an inspirational character, a famous suffragette called Emily Davison. Pupils were able to gather information about her and finally creating their own biographies, detailing her life. We had …

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A Fantastic Half Term in Pear Class

In Year 2, this autumn term has been one filled with a multitude of emotions, experiences and lots of new learning. After a quick settling period and getting to know each other, we’ve started our new adventure as part of Pear Class. We started our English units by writing an ‘All about me’ text, in …

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Headteacher Affirmations 13th October 2021

Pear Christian Ethan Ayman For amazing instructions on how to make a golden rope. Mulberry  Barney Labeeb For excellent reasoning in maths.

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Headteacher Affirmations 7th October 2021

Chestnut Whole Class For working very well together in the morning. Pine  Ellie For excellent English including designing adragon with descriptions. Pine Quinn  For excellent to advice to Arthur (character in a story) about what he should do.

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Marvellous Maths happening at Central!

    We have now been at school three full weeks and loads of learning has taken place in our classrooms. At the start of the year, in most year groups, we focus on some main important topics such as Number Fluency, Place Value, Addition and Subtraction.   Throughout the school, we have been impressed …

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The Creative Arts are in full swing across the school!

In Art across the school we have been exploring how colours and emotions link. In Key Stage 1 we have been looking at the work of Odilon Redon and his interesting use of pastels and creating our own cityscape silhouettes, we have also been creating our own Pop Art! In Key Stage 2 we have …

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Star of the Week 7th October 2021

Maple Andy – He has worked hard with asking and answering questions in all lessons. Andy has been really active and engaged and always wants to share his answers/ ideas with the class. Well done Andy  Esther- Has produced some fantastic learning in her maths with the number ‘6’ this week. She has written equations …

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