Local Summer activities

The school summer holidays start this Friday,the 19th July, and we return to school on Wednesday 4th September. We have heard about lots of different trips and holidays that have been planned for the summer, but we wanted to also share information about some local activities that you might like to take part of during the holidays.   Please …

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Medallions in Year 6

This half term we have been looking at the artwork of the Anglo-Saxons. Using the story of Beowulf as our inspiration we explored patterns prominent in Anglo-Saxon metal work to design and craft our own medallions.  The children worked hard to think about the textures and lines they would need to mark their clay with …

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Sunflowers from Year 1

For the past few weeks Year 1 has been exploring Vincent Van Gogh’s painting “Sunflowers”. They started off by looking closely at some real sunflowers, exploring the texture of the leaves and noticing the patterns in the flower. Year 1 then had a go sketching their own interpretation of the “Sunflowers” painting. After they added …

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Talk talk talk!

Oracy is defined as ‘the ability to express oneself fluently and grammatically in speech‘. Oracy is commonly viewed as being as important to teach children as it is to teach them English and Maths lessons.  We have been introducing Oracy into our curriculum this year and it is a vital part of our school development …

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Local Learning and the Mayor’s visit to Y2

At Central Primary School, we are really proud to be located in the heart of Watford.   Learning about our locality is an essential part of helping children become more aware about their surroundings and the environment they are likely to interact with daily. It also encourages the children to become more responsible about keeping …

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Year 5 trip to the Synagogue

To support our RE learning, on Monday Year 5 visited Northwood and Pinner Liberal Synagogue. We were lucky enough to see the Ark and the Torah scrolls and learn all about them and why they are important to Jews. Then we learnt all about the different Jewish festivals and how different foods play an important …

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Indian food in Year 3

This week Year 3 had an incredibly opportunity to prepare some Indian food! As they have learned so much about Indian History and Geography for this summer term, there was no better way to put an end to this topic than making delicious Indian bread. Team work and lots of patience was needed to cook …

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Celebration Assembly 11th July

This week’s Celebration Assemblies were filled with really proud teachers! The school year is coming to an end and many teachers wanted to celebrate the exciting achievements that they have seen in their classes.  Well done to all the Stars of the week! The Attendance Award goes out to Pine and Apple Classes!

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Singing Celebrations

On Wednesday 10th July, we held our annual Singing Celebrations and what celebrations they were! Over the last 5 years Central Primary School has worked closely with the Voices Foundation to support and develop musicianship. Our annual Singing Celebration gives the children and their teachers an opportunity to show the many musical skills they have …

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Artsmark Gold Award

Central Primary School has been awarded Artsmark Gold Award by the Art Council of England! This is an incredible achievement and we are very proud this award. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs Bulaitis for all the hard work that she did as the Creative Arts leader in our school for …

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Summer Fair 2019

Last Saturday we organised one of the most exciting events of our school year, our Summer Fair! By 12 pm the main playground was buzzing with children and adults visiting different stalls. The atmosphere was great and everyone was really enjoying themselves. Face-painting and the tombolas were big hits. The tombolas would not have been …

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Year 1 Trip to the park

Last week, Year 1 visited the park to spot some of the plants and trees they have been learning about in Science. The children could name the parts of a plant and tree, and then had a go at matching the leaves they could see with the type of tree they came from. It was …

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