Dance, Dance, Dance

Our brilliant dance teacher Ms Evans has been busy teaching dance to all year groups across the school! Take a look below what different year groups have been learning in dance!

Nursery: In Nursery this term we have carried on our theme of sensory engagement and added in some nursery rhymes and songs. The children have thoroughly enjoyed putting actions to the nursery rhymes, their favourite so far is “The wheels on the bus”.

Reception: This term Receptions theme has been “Adventures”. We have been putting dance movements to adventure stories. For example, in one of the adventures the children have visited a toy shop where all the toys come alive. The have been excited to choose different toys to dance each week and even started to come up with some dance movements themselves.

Year 1: In year 1 our theme has been “Under the sea”. The children have been dancing out stories relating to the theme, whilst incorporating key skills. This term in year 1 the key skills focus has been the elevation of the children’s skips, and the elevation of their forwards gallops.

Year 2: This term year 2 have been focusing on the basics of beat and rhythm. They have explored how the beat stays the same and the rhythm changes. We have used musical instruments and body percussion in our lessons so that the children can develop their beat and rhythm skills, and start to understand musicality.

Year 3: Year 3 have been focusing on the 5 dance actions this term (Turn, travel, jump, gesture and stillness), and focused on a different action each week. We have talked about the meaning of each word, different examples of each action and how you can put these actions together to create a piece of choreography. The children are now beginning to create their own dances using the 5 dance actions they have developed this term.

Year 4: This term has been an exciting one for year 4 as we have been asked by Hertfordshire Dance Association and BEECreative to take part in an online dance concert. The dance concerts theme is “A postcard from…”. As year 4 have been learning African style dance this term we decided to go with the theme “A post card from Africa”. The children have been working very hard to get the dance ready in time as the dance is made up of many elements. We are including the African drumming they have been doing in music and using this as the accompaniment to the African dance. We are very much looking forward to seeing the end result.

Year 5 and Forest Class: Year 5 and Forest class have been focusing on the use of different formations this term, and their effect on choreography. Each week we have focused on a different formation, looked at how it can be used in a dance and then been given the opportunity to create a dance of their own using these formations. The children have shown brilliant teamwork and have created some fantastic choreography.  

Year 6: In year 6 this term we have focused on the theme of performance skills and what effect they have on a dance. The children have also been learning a few basic street dance moves, which they have thoroughly enjoyed. Year 6 have also been given the opportunity to choreograph some of their own dances using key movements we have been practicing in the lesson. They have shown amazing teamwork and creativity when working on these projects.

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