Dance at Central

Dance this term

Nursery – We have been exploring nursery rhymes and action songs. The children have enjoyed starting to put actions to music and developing basic dance skills such as running on tip toe and marching.

Reception –  The theme this term has been adventures, we have been exploring movement through adventure stories. One focus this term has been developing the children’s understanding of the different ways we can move around the space in dance, for example; skipping, galloping and running on tip toe.

Year 1 – In Year 1 we have been progressing movement techniques through the use of stories and the children’s imagination. Each week we have been focusing on a different story and been developing movement to tell the stories with our bodies. Our skill focus for this term has been skipping and developing the children’s elevation whilst skipping.

Year 2 – Our theme for this term has been the film “Inside out”. We have been looking at the different emotions and exploring the different actions they might have. Year 2 have also been developing their ability to dance with a prop, the children have used ribbons in a few of their dances. The ribbons provided a visual expression through the movement and enhanced the dance.

Year 3 – Year 3’s theme this term has been the musical “Matilda”. We have looked at the West End musical and discussed the themes and actions used. We have choreographed a dance to “Revolting Children”, which is one of the songs from the musical. The children have really engaged with the characterisation side of this theme and used their performance skills to express the emotions behind the dance.

Year 4 – The children’s theme this term has been the Olympics, more specifically the Olympic opening ceremony performances. We have explored the Olympic opening ceremony performances from over the years and the children have discussed what they liked and disliked about the performances. We have used these ideas to create our own opening ceremony dance.   

Year 5 – Year 5’s theme this term has been ways of travelling. Therefore, we have been exploring all the different ways we can travel in dance, and developing the children’s technique in these areas.  Year 5 have particularly enjoyed the time when they choreographed their own travelling routines. The children came up with some brilliant ideas and showed excellent teamwork skills.

Year 6 – This term Year 6’s focus has been on healthy body and healthy mind. We have explored the link between dance and overall fitness, also we have discussed what being healthy means to them. The children have also taken part in some circuit training sessions involving lots of different activities. They enjoyed this very much. The children have also engaged well with creating their own dance warm up’s for the class and have worked brilliantly as a team to come up with some great ideas.

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