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As a school we are committed to providing our pupils an environment in which they can all learn and thrive. Our Inclusion Policy and SEND Information Report sets out our commitment to inclusion.

Our Inclusion Manager is Mrs Tammy Beresford-Perry and she can be contacted on 01923 225129 or via 

SEN Information

There are many ways in which we as a school support learning for all children. Our SEND Information Report below provides parents/ carers and visitors to our school with information about the ways in which we do this.

The SEND Information Report is designed to give you an overview about our school and its inclusive practices, but the best way to see what we offer as a school is to come and visit the school and meet Mrs Tammy Beresford-Perry our Assistant Head Teacher/ Inclusion Leader. 

The new SEN report was drafted alongside parents. 

Speech and Language Bases (SLCN Bases)

We are a mainstream community school which has provision for two specialist SLCN (Speech Language Communication Needs) bases. Below are the details of our two base classes Orchard and Forest. Pupils who are members of the bases belong to one of these bases but also have a mainstream class that they are part of. Each pupil in the base has a different level of integration into mainstream and this is discussed through our termly SEND review meetings.

Generally pupils will arrive in school via taxi at 8:30am and spend time in the base before going to their mainstream class at 8:45am for morning registration. They will spend the morning in the specialist provision and then the afternoon integrated (with support) in their mainstream class.

SLCN Base Team


Miss Katie Hewerdine – SLCN Base Teacher     
Mrs Tracie Goman – SEN LSA
Mrs Kim Peacock – SEN LSA
Mrs Jo Humphrey- SEN LSA


The bases follow a differentiated curriculum depending on the needs of the children in the bases. This curriculum will link to that of the mainstream classes and the long term plans for each year group can be found following the links to the individual year group pages.

Core Offer

Central Primary is an inclusive school that strives to support all children in their learning. Below is our core offer which details some of the various interventions and support we put in place to support our pupils.

Extended Schools

For children before and after school:

  • Breakfast club open daily from 8am (Discounts for multiple siblings and those eligible for free school meals)
  • After school club open daily till 5pm (Discounts for multiple siblings and those eligible for free school meals)
  • A wide range of after school activities and clubs running each day
  • Breakfast/ After school boosters


To help children socially/emotionally:

  • Talk and nurture programmes
  • Learning mentor support/ Learning mentor assistant support
  • Opportunities to talk with adults 1:2:1
  • Art/ Play Therapy
  • KS2 play-leaders/ peer mediators to support younger children
  • School Council/ Eco Council
  • After-school clubs
  • Small-group intervention
  • Talking Partners Intervention
  • ‘Meet and greet’ by SLT every morning
  • CLA support
  • Access to specialist counselling

To support our EAL children:

  • Visual displays and labelling
  • Labels in numerous languages throughout the school
  • Welcome tour and peer support
  • Multi-cultural curriculum and activities
  • Direct vocabulary teaching
  • Learning mentor support for parents / children (for support with activities like form filling)
  • Dual-language resources
  • Multi-lingual staff
  • Section of library for dual / foreign language books
  • Talking intervention for a small group of EAL children
  • Small group work
  • Racing to English programme
  • Learning Library loans

To support pupils with Numeracy:

  • Numicon/ Maths resources
  • Numeracy ‘working walls’ in every classroom
  • Mathematics intervention groups
  • Practical resources and Investigative maths lessons to support all learners
  • Adult support
  • Use of Testbase questioning
  • Differentiation in class
  • Boosters
  • Learning Library Loans

To support pupils with writing/phonics:

  • Access to role-play areas
  • Extended writing opportunities across the curriculum
  • Vertically streamed phonics lessons (EYFS & KS1)
  • Small group phonics intervention
  • Differentiation in class
  • Adult support
  • Bespoke writing support programme
  • Boosters

To support pupils with reading:

  • Reading logs for all children
  • Access to reading books
  • Differentiated Guided Reading sessions
  • Learning Library
  • Daily reading programme with specific children

To support pupils with behaviour:

  • Behaviour policy
  • Golden Time
  • House points
  • Learning Mentor/ Learning Mentor Assistant
  • Staff experienced with behavioural management
  • Behaviour interventions for specific individuals
  • Access to wider support from specialist provisions such as Highwood and Chessbrook

To support pupils with Speech & Language:

  • Specialist advice/interventions by therapist
  • Specialist provision for children with statements/ Health Care Plans for Speech, Language, Communication Difficulties
  • Staff trained in Speech and Language needs
  • 1:2:1 interventions by trained TA’s
  • Opportunities to develop talk
  • Talking partners

To support pupils with SEN:

  • Individual Education Plan
  • Involvement of a range of professionals
  • Termly review meetings
  • Monitoring by inclusion manager/ SENCOs

To support pupils with physical needs:

  • Blue Fidget cushions
  • Writing slopes
  • Visual Impairment support, such as laptops & monitors
  • Physical adjustments to the environment (lifts/ hand rails/ painted lines)

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