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Science at Central Primary School

The vision for science at Central is to encourage and develop the curiosity, research, thinking and questioning skills that enable children to become life-long learners and make sense of the world around them. Our Science curriculum is rooted in the National Curriculum and enriched by links to The Big Ideas of Science Education. Pupils have the opportunity for both independent and teacher-led enquiry throughout the school, from EYFS to Year 6, developing scientific knowledge and working scientifically skills, with a clear progression of knowledge and skills across year groups, and links to complement and enhance their learning in other subjects.

Science work is recorded in the pupil’s Science notebook in a variety of ways to include: note-taking, scientific diagrams, thinking maps, results tables and charts in addition to formal written work. These notebooks progress through the school with the children allowing each teacher to see prior knowledge and understanding whilst also providing the pupils with a resource to refer to in their later learning.

Science teaches us about the world around us. It helps us develop an understanding of natural phenomena, builds and stimulates our curiosity and allows us insight into why things happen in the way they do. The Science curriculum teaches methods of enquiry, investigation and critical thought. Children learn to ask scientific questions and begin to see how Science can affect their world on a personal, national and global level. 

The objectives of teaching Science are to enable children to:

  • Ask and answer scientific questions;
  • Plan and carry out scientific investigations, using equipment (including computers) correctly;
  • Know and understand the life processes of living things;
  • Know and understand the physical processes of materials, electricity, light, sound, and natural forces;
  • Know about the nature of the solar system, including the earth;
  • Evaluate evidence and present their conclusions clearly and accurately.

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Please take a look at the National Curriculum.

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