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RE at Central Primary School

The vision for RE at Central Primary School is to encourage and develop understanding of a range of religious and non-religious views within the world we live in and how this can have an impact on how people lead their life. Our curriculum is derived from the Herts for Learning RE syllabus, which focuses on the 6 main religions: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, Buddhism and Hinduism in addition to looking at Humanism in Year 6. Pupils will enhance their learning by focussing on different religions throughout their time at Central Primary School. They will develop their learning in a variety ways such as, through enquiry, by looking at religious artefacts and visiting places of worship, which provides them with an insight of religious practices through first hand experiences. 

RE work is recorded in the pupil’s RE notebook in a variety of ways. Some of the ways students have recorded their learning is through bubble maps, double bubble maps, flow charts and by independent note-taking. At the end of Year 6 students would have a notebook, which will contain information about all six religions and their core beliefs and practices and the comparisons and differences between some of them. 

The RE curriculum teaches students to become critical thinkers of the world around them through ultimate questions, which enables pupils to deepen their understanding of abstract content. It further encourages tolerance and respect to those who belong to different communities and faiths, alongside those who do not belong to one. By the time students leave Central Primary School they will be able to analyse different viewpoints. Furthermore, this can enable them to demonstrate respect when responding to diverse viewpoints, developing tolerance towards others. 

The eight key areas of learning within RE:

  • Beliefs and Practices
  • Sources of Wisdom
  • Symbols and actions
  • Prayer, worship and reflection
  • Identity and belonging
  • Ultimate questions
  • Human responsibilities and values
  • Justice and fairness

Please find more information about the units the pupils learn from the Curriculum Overviews on the class pages.

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