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History at Central Primary School


At Central Primary school we believe it is culturally important that children develop an understanding of the past and how things have changed over time. Our History teaching focuses on enabling children to think as historians and in order to do this, we place an emphasis on examining historical artefacts and primary and secondary historical sources. This includes visiting sites of historical significance and having conversations with visitors who come into school to talk about the past. 

The History Curriculum has been created using guidance from the National Curriculum. At Central, we teach History as a discrete subject and the units that have been chosen allow children to have a broad understanding of key historical events and figures from not only Britain, but also from around the world. 

Our History curriculum also helps develop the thinking and interpretation skills of children. We focus on helping children understand that historical events can be interpreted in different ways, and that they should always ask searching questions, such as ‘how do we know?’, about information they are given. We also start to educate pupils about how different information might be interpreted in a variety of different ways, and by different people. We encourage them to ask questions and then to try to find the answers using the resources available to them.  Lessons are planned in a way that enables children to recall, develop and reflect upon their knowledge. 

Work completed during History lessons is recorded in the pupil’s notebooks. These pieces of work show the knowledge and skills learnt during each unit. These notebooks progress through the school with the children allowing each teacher to see prior knowledge and understanding whilst also providing the pupils with a resource to refer to in their later learning.


The aims and objectives of the history curriculum are:

  • To stimulate an interest and understanding of people who lived in the past;
  • To develop a sense of chronology;
  • To develop a sense of identity and a cultural understanding based on their own and Britain’s historical heritage;
  • To consider how people lived in the past;
  • To understand how Britain developed as a democratic society;
  • To understand how the past influences life today;
  • To understand how Britain is part of a wider European culture and to study some aspects of European history;
  • To develop an understanding of the historical development of the world;
  • To investigate evidence and use information sources to acquire information and knowledge;
  • To develop the skills of enquiry, analysis, interpretation and problem solving skills.

Please find more information about the units the pupils learn from the Curriculum Overviews on the class pages.

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Please take a look at our Curriculum policy to see more details.

Further information in the National Curriculum.

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