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English at Central Primary School

The vision for English at Central Primary is to equip every student with the necessary knowledge and skills to read and write, which they will need to succeed in life. We aim to provide a curriculum that is exciting, inspiring, challenging and diverse, and which represents every member of our community. The curriculum allows pupils to expand their knowledge of the world and find ways to share their experiences from their own life. We want to make sure that our English curriculum teaches pupils to write for different purposes and exposes them to high quality children’s literature. We want our pupils to leave our school with the ability to express themselves in writing and to be able to read fluently and to develop their love of reading.

The English Curriculum at Central Primary follows the National Curriculum.

English is taught daily across the school. The daily aspects of English teaching include:

  • An English lesson covering grammar progression and writing for various purposes.
  • Whole Class Guided Reading session covering key reading skills.
  • Handwriting, either a teaching session or a practice session, following Pen Pals scheme.
  • Spelling practice following the national curriculum. 
  • In Nursery-Year 1, a Phonics session following the Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised , which is a systematic and synthetic phonics programme. 

The English Curriculum includes a lot of cross-curricular links with foundation subjects.
Our English Curriculum represents our diverse community.
Alongside our Reading Curriculum, our English Curriculum builds on quality children’s literature.
The English Curriculum covers a wide range of different text types while teaching children different purposes for writing. 

Please find more information below about our curriculum,  policy and the units the pupils learn on the class pages.

Class pages with links to the Curriculum Overviews
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Further information in the National Curriculum.

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