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Curriculum Overview

Welcome to our curriculum section. At Central Primary we believe it is very important that children have access to a board, exciting and challenging curriculum.

The curriculum at Central Primary School follows a thematic topic based structure which covers the National Curriculum points of study in a way that makes learning interesting and engaging for our pupils. The design of the curriculum takes into account the needs of the pupils who attend Central Primary. It values their diversity and aims to build on their experiences.

The curriculum is based on an annual cycle where each curriculum year is divided into 5 distinct topics. The Autumn Term contains two topics, the Spring Term one and the Summer Term has two topics with the latter being linked into the whole school theme which changes on an annual basis. The whole school topics link the learning of school together and will become whole school focal points linking into community learning.

As a school we are passionate about all curriculum areas but have significant strengths in the Creative Arts and Languages.

More information about our curriculum can be found via the individual year group pages in the menu on the left hand side.

Phonics and Reading

At Central we follow a phonics scheme based on Letters and Sounds which exposes pupils to the alternative sounds and consonant clusters from early on to support fluent reading. Letters and Sounds is made up of six phases of teaching phonics and builds up pupils understanding of sounds and the blends they make.We also put a lot of focus on morphology to allow pupils to make meaningful connections between words. Pupils have regular phonics sessions from Nursery until the end of Year 2. 

In addition to our phonics teaching, pupils learn high frequency words from Reception to the end of Year 2 when they focus on spelling strategy and word patterns. The high frequency words are set at differentiated levels each week in the form or Ladders (First 100 words) Trains (100-300 high frequency words) and Rockets (next 200 high frequency words). Learning to recognise, say, read, spell and use these words in sentences supports each child’s literacy development.

In the school each classroom has a book area which contains books of interest to the children and the topics they are studying. Pupils learn to read using a book scheme in school which is levelled and also through their weekly guided reading sessions. If you would like to know more about reading, please ask your child’s teacher who will be happy to help you.

Values at Central

There are many ways in which our curriculum promotes and supports the British Values of Democracy, Rule of Law, Individual Liberty and Mutual Respect and Tolerance. Much of this is taught through our curriculum and the values of our school community. As this year progresses we will provide links to our provision for British Values in our curriculum overviews, which we send out to parents/ carers each half term.

Read more about the Values at Central Primary here:

As part of our active involvement in democracy each child is involved in a family circle which allows them all to have a voice about our school and its development. These circles meet every Tuesday and discuss a range of topics and the information gathered is then fed into a leadership circle of Y6 children who use this to discuss ideas with the senior leadership team.

Over the past few years we have been working on large scale community events which involve our children experiencing the wider world. In 2013 we took the whole school and its community to Brighton for the day; in 2014 each year group visited London; 2015 saw the whole school explore animals and their habitats including a trip to Woburn and in 2016 each class created their own museum for our ‘Night of the Museum’ topic. These events were whole school topics, and allowed us to reflect on British Values and our community in an engaging and interesting way.

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