A way of expressing ourselves uniquely

 At Central Primary, creativity is as important as other teaching subjects. Year 3 children continued to impress and fascinate us with their amazing artistic skills.

The paper mache masks, sketching and shading, making of candle jars, colour-changing celery experiment, making pancakes and exploring blogs are just a few activities that children in Year 3 have explored with success since learning from home. This sort of tasks, did not only develop their artistic sense, but also their critical thinking, observational skills and mental health.

Let’s not forget to mention how beneficial they were for nurturing parent-child relationship. Seeing parents engaged in children’s learning and considering every task as being essential, proved that our work and efforts were valued.

We, as teachers, strived to support and sustain home learning through considering a variety of factors while planning. Resources, timing and accessibility are just a few of them. By doing so, we are grateful to have received positive feedback and reactions from parents.

We wish we would have done all these together, in the class…..but, we all know – it was not possible! We missed hearing your reflection upon your or others’ work, having exciting debates/discussion, sharing personal thoughts or just simply being together.

Year 3, Mr Perulero and Mrs Valean urge you to continue creating, experimenting, taking every opportunity to develop you personality and discover new paths of your artistic habits. You should always be proud and happy of your achievements, but continue to aim for more!

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