Creative Arts Showcase 2020

Last Tuesday night our school community had the opportunity once again to put on a show at the Clarendon Muse. This was the fourth Creative Arts Showcase that we have organised. 

The pupils enjoy this unique opportunity to perform in front of their family members. For us as a school, it’s a wonderful way to celebrate the diverse talents that our pupils have. 

A wide range of different art forms were presented throughout the evening. The pupils art work from Reception to Year 6 was first in display in the Art Gallery.  For the first time this year, the Friends of Central had also organised a cake competition, with six wonderful cakes. 

After admiring the Art work, the audience were ushered to their seats and it was time for the performance. Miss Rieger and the choir started the show with a brilliant performance. It was followed by a piece from each year group with additional performances from individual pupils or group of students. The hour was filled with singing, dance and drama. 

The very last song was dedicated to our wonderful Headteacher, John Mynott, as this was his last Creative Arts Showcase.

We’d like to thank all the parents and carers, Friends of Central and our members of staff for all the support with the showcase.

A special thank you to the Creative Arts Team: Miss White, Mrs Guthrie, Mr Marks and Miss Champion. 

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