Computing at Central

Wondering what Computing looks like at Central Primary?
It is one of the most practical and engaging subjects in the school. Our progressive curriculum is worked from Early Years all the way to Year 6 where our children gain a wide range of IT skills aiming to support them with their future. This month has been filled with lots of different activities. Computing is the perfect subject to develop their Oracy skills as the opportunity to discuss and structure their ideas constantly in the classroom.
As you can see in EYFS, our little ones have been busy practising their fine motor skills with the mouse by tracing and painting with the computer. Our fantastic and wide approach enables our children express their feelings and likes within the subject as ICT. What a skill our Reception taught!
Moving up to KS1, our children dived into the world of programming; directions, steps, commands, and robots… what else can you ask? They consolidated the terminology algorithm and what it means when programming, spoke and revised directional language and finally, program a sequence of commands in a robot with an outcome. I was extraordinarily honoured to see this in person and notice how enthusiastic our children are with Beebots and the terminology they used confidently.
Year 4 ended the Summer 1 with the use Google Docs and Slides. Our pupils found out what a search engine is and the variety of different search engines we have; they understood the reason why we have child-friendly search engine and identify their differences by well-guided tasks, additionally, they looked at the reliability when visiting websites online and how to spot reliable places and when to ignore those that don’t give us the confidence to search. All of this was learned and typed into Google Docs and Slides in order to practice typing skills and how to create presentations.
Finally, our Year 6 children moved to another dimension and worked on 3D modelling looking at direction, depth, and creativity.
Our teachers have worked extraordinarily hard to make the learning possible and our children have learned dynamically, purposefully, and collaboratively. We love Computing!
Mr Perulero
Computing Subject Leader

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