Clay bowls made from slabs

During Art week Year 6 rose to the challenge of creating their own clay bowls from slabs of clay. While this looks simple when completed the processes involved are complicated and the children had to think carefully about both their designs and the construction of their bowls.

The week began with an exploration of templates, and the creation of different slabs using tools. As the clay used was wetter than clay the children had used before they had to get used to using cling film, rather than their hands to move the clay around on their boards.

The children explored how they would need to create lots of slabs to form their bowl and that joining them would be more complicated than they first imagined. Using slip and scoring the children joined their slabs together to construct their bowls.

Once completed the bowls were left to dry. Once they are dry we will glaze them and send them to a local kiln to be fired and we hope to share the finished products with you at the Arts Showcase in February.

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