Christingles and Neasden Temple

During this past week, Year 4 have gained some practical exposure to religious symbolism  in both Christianity and Hinduism.
Hot on the heels of their exploration of  the Christian Trinity in our RE lessons,  they enjoyed a session on  Christingles with St Mary’s Church’s family worker Cath da Costa, who kindly visited us armed with all the necessary ingredients for making our very own Christingles. The children enjoyed making links between their learning on the Trinity and Advent and the juicy looking oranges decorated with red ribbons, candles and sticks of juicy marshmallows and raisins. It is a small miracle that most of these, symbols for the blessings humans may enjoy during each of the Four Seasons, survived the session!  Mrs Da Costa was impressed with the children’s wider understanding of the significance of the birth of Jesus for Christians, and the links between Advent, Christingles and Jesus’death on the cross at Easter times.  Beech class paraded their Christingles outside, while Beam class have enjoyed them as a Christmas decoration on their windowsill. A warm thank you to Mrs Da Costa and all the team at St Mary’s Church  for giving our children such a fun and informative time!
On Tuesday, the Beams and Beeches crowded into a coach to explore symbolism at Neasden Temple. The teachers were impressed with how many children recognised Shiva the destroyer due to the snake in his hand, and how many spotted the lotus flower throughout the ornate marble decorations. Ms Khatun and Miss Rieger are now looking forward to the posters they have made in their books to show all that they saw and to reflect on the significance of rich art and architecture during private and collective worship. This is a theme we will also be exploring in more depth next half term. 

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