Chicks in Early Years

The children in Nursery and Reception have been very excited to watch the chicks hatch and grow over the last week.  We have learnt that the eggs need warmth in an incubator before they are ready to crack before the chicks hatch.  Once the chicks are dry, they then move into a brooder where they grow bigger and bigger.  We also learnt that the boy chicks are more yellow  and the girls have the brown feathers. 
The children have been so sensible and caring towards the chicks.  They have ensured that the chicks have had plenty of food and water and have spent many opportunities watching them.  Each child has also had the opportunity to hold the chicks.  So many children have said “they are so cute and fluffy.”
In Reception we have also worked really hard to write our own non fiction texts about chicks.  We have used our phonic knowledge to write sentences about the life cycle of a hen. 

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