Chat with an author in Beam Class

There are no words to describe our Wednesday afternoon in Beam Class when we met J. Ayoola, the author of one of the most read and loved book we have in Beam class; “How we love our hair”. This is a story of five friends explaining how they look after their afro-hair and how incredibly special and beautiful their hair is inspiring others to love themselves and teaches others to see their beauty; a lesson of confidence, self-esteem and hair love. 
Our class was honoured to talk with this extraordinary author and ask interesting questions about the book, experiences, and even new possible books. The conversation between Ayoola and the class flowed smoothly, and their maturity left the adults speechless. What a great chat we had and how many things we discovered from the author! I must admit I enjoyed her thoughts as much as the children.
After a clever question about if there will be more books in the future, the bombshell that shook the whole classroom was, that at least two more books will be published, I don´t think anyone doubted we will have, they all said “Omg, I can´t wait to read them!”
October was the Black History Month, but at Central and in Beam Class, we are aware one month is nothing, we must continue embracing the beauty of diversity, and as you can see, we keep learning increasingly about everyone regardless skin colour because each person has something special.
A special mention to J Ayoola, the author, for her precious time and the sunshine she brought to the classroom this week. We enjoy books, love diversity, we go further; we interview authors who inspire us.

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