Chat with an author

Second successful session with another author in Beam Class. This time, we met Selina Brown, an enthusiastic and inspiring writer. A week ago, we added her book to our collection in our class: “Nena:The Green Juice” and she couldn´t be kinder of sharing a bit of her time to talk with us about the benefits of vegetables and read bits of her book to us. We had an engaging 10 minutes session where our smiley children had the opportunity to talk and share ideas with her.
As a teacher who strives to promote equality and bring diversity to my classroom, books where characters are brown-skin colour people who show their culture and the way the live is just what our future generation need because they will see everyone is capable of doing anything in life, see their culture as unique and special which is the beauty of this world.
As usual, we will keep taking steps further and going beyond the book; we will continue finding more about our books.

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