Busy Fingers in Nursery

The busy fingers session in Nursery this week were inspired by the Black History Month. We used this week as an opportunity to link this in with the Early Years topic “All about me”. Through learning about themselves and their features, they got a chance to explore the differences in the features of their peers.

Our 5 Busy Fingers Stations included the following:

– Books – The children explored books of African-Caribbean authors and illustrators. Which served as an opportunity for some to get to know other cultures and for others was an opportunity to see representations of themselves in books.

– Playdough – The children used a mixture of different playdough colours, designed to mimic skin tones to open up discussion. Children mentioned that certain colours were like them or like the teachers.

– Mosaic Making – This African inspired art activity gave the children a chance to manipulate shapes to create pictures and patterns of their choosing.

– Face Puzzles – This activity was devised to encourage children to get to know their faces and features. They were then encouraged to mix their faces with others to begin to expose them to different features their peers have.

– African Beaded Necklace Making – The children used were encouraged to develop their fine motor skills to thread red gold and green beads along the black thread to make their own pattern designs.

A huge thank you to all the parents and carers who joined us for the activities!

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