Best 1st year teaching at Central Primary!

Since joining the fabulous team at Central Primary, I felt accomplished, valued and respected. I remember with joy and fondness all the amazing times spent at school.

Starting with the Head, the Deputy and as well the  KS Leader, year group  partner or just colleagues, everyone has been nurturing, supportive and inspiring.

Moments such as Christmas Assembly, Successful Class Production, Trips, Team Meetings have all been so special to me. I remember even now the emotions I have felt at the beginning of this uncertainty time, back in March…it felt strange and abnormal. The entire team was incredible, they made it feel like things are going smoothly, when I know it wasn’t like that at all…

Apart from working with a great team, I was fortunate to teach a fantastic bunch of kids.

Their stories, their jokes, their hugs and smiles, their laughter, their out of the box thinking, their ideas and warmth will never be forgotten, but always cherished. I am going to miss you all!

What an unexpected end of the year !! It has been a roller coaster of a year…

Who would have thought that we are not going to have the chance of saying ‘Goodbyes’ and wishing each other ‘Best of Luck’ in the last day of school? Definitely, not me. It is kind of hard to accept the idea even now…

As my last words for this school year, I wish to say a massive ‘Thank you’ to all of you at Central Primary and hope that you’ll continue to do your best, be your best and achieve your best !


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