Being Creative at Home is Central!

Valuing the Arts is a core belief at Central Primary School. Creative Arts is without a doubt a strength of the school. I am sure you have fond memories of our vibrant Creative Arts Showcases led by our fabulous Arts Leader, Miss White.

This love of Art and creativity really shone through last week as we saw two very creative projects completed by Years 2 and 3.

Year 2 were set the task of creating a piece of ‘Environmental Art’ using natural resources from pupil’s gardens or from their daily walk. This work was inspired by Andy Goldsworthy who is one of the Artists we study at Central Primary School.

Year 3 used a Paper Mache ( ‘papier-mâché’ in French, meaning ‘mashed paper’) technique to create masks, which afterwards were decorated and looked incredible.
The masks were designed in detail using paints, sequins or strips of coloured paper, imitating a favourite character or just simple patterns.
Both of these activities had wonderful results and really showed how at Central, we are fortunate to have creative, skilful children and engaged parents. It was wonderful to see parents working alongside their children to create and decorate their own masks.

What a great way to cherish time together! Take care, stay safe and carry on being creative!

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