Autumn 2 in Year 6

Autumn 2 in Chestnut Class

The second half term in Chestnut class has been remarkable; the children have shown more than ever than they are committed and passionate about their learning. It warms my heart when every time the children get to do their task, their cheer, “Yay!” and I literally have to make them stop when the lesson is coming to an end. They have begged me for homework because they want to show their parents how much they have learnt and how proud they are of themselves. I am ever so proud myself!

Here are some of the highlights of this incredible time:


We had the most fun with our Suspense story in English. We had hilarious stories: Donald Trump, Boris Johnson and Instagram influencers were involved in the process. The children made outstanding progress and most importantly developed a lot for writing.


It is fair to say that Maths is our absolute favourite! I am pleased to say that children have mastered fractions and percentages – a topic that is not always easy for everyone!


The children were fascinated to learn about imports, exports, environmental conditions, and overexploitation of resources. They asked inquisitive and thought-provoking questions and showed incredible knowledge themselves too. They were very reflective on this controversial topic and showed great maturity when talking about it.


Our landscapes were absolutely stunning. Miss Smith inspired everyone with her own one and the children produced beautiful pieces themselves!


We became little film makers for this term. The children were bursting with ideas to make their short stop-motion animation. Some of them were so inspired they tried it at home!!

Autumn 2 in Oak Class

The second autumn term has been great in Oak class. The children have enjoyed a variety of fun and engaging afternoon lesson; they have explored animation in computing, played with shadows in science and nearly finished their puppets in design and technology. The children have been working hard on all their writing pieces, creating some fantastic pieces, and have developed their skills as mathematicians. I’m proud of each and every one of them for the hard work and perseverance they have shown during this difficult year, and they should be proud of themselves as well.  


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