Autumn 2 in Year 5

Although a very different first term this year, it had been an enjoyable one in Year 5. The children have thoroughly enjoyed Guided Reading this half term, appreciating our books ‘Rooftoppers’ and ‘Wonder’. The stories told have been both moving and uplifting and the children have thought about authorial intent and how these stories can relate to real lives.
In English we have been inspired by Ernest Shackleton and his journey to unearth undiscovered land. We explored newspaper reports and their structure. Using the notes we took when learning about Shackleton and his crew, we wrote our own newspaper reports.
Design and Technology was very exciting this half term. After planning their final Obi designs last half term, the children finally got their hands on the sewing machines and made their own! They turned out brilliantly and their sewing machine skills were astonishing!
We got even more creative in our Art lessons, studying and then creating our own Keith Haring pieces. Although his art is simple, it was important to include movement lines and colour for mood. This helped the pictures come to life and tell emotive stories.
Have a lovely break and stay safe.
Merry Christmas.
Year 5 team

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