Autumn 2 in Year 4

Autumn 2 Y4 

Once again, it’s been an incredibly busy half term in Y4, but Beech and Beam class have risen to the challenge!  Our guided reading has taken us to the plains of Africa in The Butterfly Lion, and the steamy jungles of Asia in The Firework Maker’s Daughter, and the imagination and thoughtfulness the children have brought to their written work about these books has been so inspiring.  In French, they’ve been using their studies of animals to explore descriptive writing and conversation, and loved being introduced to the subject through Saints-Saens’ Le Carnaval des Animaux – Ms Ribeiro’s lessons covered not just the language but classical music, too! Science was illuminating – literally – as we learned about electricity by making our own electrical circuits, and designed our own table lamps: seeing those learning ‘lightbulb moments’ with the children took on a whole new meaning! In Maths we’ve been going over familiar subjects like multiplication, division and fractions, but using new strategies to help us with more complicated calculations.  And History has seen both classes take a trip back to Ancient Greece to discover the birthplace of democracy, philosophy and the Olympic Games – a subject we also explored in English, when we retold the story of Hercules and the Titans.  How the children found the energy for their fantastic African-inspired dance routine with Miss Evans, and djembe drumming with Mr Makondo, we’ll never know…

And just when we thought we couldn’t get any prouder of the children, they turned in some amazing work through their home learning!  They could so easily have lost their focus, and yet they not only showed us wonderful independent work they’d completed at home (especially in Maths), but they returned to school really ready to learn and threw themselves into the spirit of festivity for the last week of term.  Huge thanks to all of you parents and carers who supported the children at such a busy time and at such short notice! We can’t wait to see you all again after the Christmas break, but for now, take a well-earned rest, Y4!

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